Hey guys.

I recently ended up with a free electric this weekend, which is a bonus.

Anyway. Its a stagg in a PRS style with 2 humbuckers. In black. Rosewood fretboard. (pretty cheap looking).

No serial numbers or anything.

I have tried googling it, but just cant find it.

Does anyone know what it is, or how much it would be worth- I am trying to fund some vintage speakers!


Thanks if anyone can help
They're fairly common, I see them listed on eBay quite a lot. Stagg are essentially entry level guitars that are made to be sold to parents that have children who want to play guitar. Then as the kid learns how to play, they get themselves a real guitar and sell the Stagg.

According to this ebay listing the model number is R500.

The £60 that one is advertised at is probably about right for the value of the guitar. Some go for a bit more, some go for a bit less, but if you got yours for free you definitely got a good deal
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