Hey guys, can you tell me about your experience with Stagg? one of the local shops in this city I am atm has a cable that mutes itself when you plug it out of your guitar and turns on when you put it back which is kind of cool, it's also 11 dollars for 6 meters (I guess 10 feet) you think it's reliable?

ok also their straplocks which are for like 7 dollars. basically look like schallers I guess. Should I get these? has any of you tried em?
I have had many cables with switched plugs fail on me. They are more trouble than they are worth. I won't use them anymore. I know it sounds like a great idea for swapping guitars mid-gig but so is a mute footswitch. Most people have some sort of mute button for tuning these days and that's the way to go. Even with a shorting plug you'll want to mute the amp because you still get a loud pop when you first pull the cable and plug it into the next guitar - so what's the point of them?

As for straplocks, I've been using Schallers for about 30 years. I've had one lose the little dick but never had one fail in a way that put the guitar in danger (losing the dick just makes it hard to take them off). I would definitely recommend Schallers, they've served me well.
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Never used their cables or straplocks, but I know Stagg's guitars are cheaply made with very little quality control. With their guitars, you may get lucky and find a good one, but you're more likely to end up with something that doesn't play well and will fall apart after a while.

Add that knowledge of Stagg to what Cathbard said about cables with switched plugs and it sounds to me like a recipe for disaster.

Schaller are always a good recommendation though.
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Sounds like the Neutrik Silent Plugs, or a copy of it. Avoid it like the plague, the components of the mechanism fails fairly quickly so eventually you get no sound at all. The coupling mechanism disconnects easily and there's no way to repair it.
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I use Dunlop strap locks, but i have heard lots of love for Schaller as well. i figure the last place i want to save money is the little thing that holds my guitar suspended while playing. I throw the extra for good locks so it protects my expensive guitars from falling and breaking.
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Schallers aren't even that expensive....
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Schallers aren't even that expensive....

For real. They're worth just dropping the $15-$20 on. Any cheap knock off and you're probably going to have to pay $5 or more in shipping from a smaller internet retailer and negate the price difference anyway.