I ordered a set of BKP Aftermaths back in late November, and not really caring when they came in since I didn't think I'd need them till my new 7-string arrived on it's April due date. I came home after school this afternoon, checked my mail box, and found this!

Opened it up, and was pleased, but not surprised to see, a Bare Knuckle Pickups box inside, along with pink wrapping I assumed were the pots and capacitor I also ordered!

There's actually a lot of extra shit in there with the pickups. A BKP pick, some strings (I guess to make sure you don't test the pickups with dead strings), a wiring diagram, and even a coaster!

Finally, the pickups themselves! 7 string Aftermaths with Aged Nickel covers, which are going to look amazing in the Natural Flame Agile 727 that should be here next week.

Out of the box...

And together with my pots and caps.

I honestly cannot wait to put these in a guitar and test them out with my AxeFx and Mesa/Soldano half stack. Going to be the best rig I've ever put together!

(Yes, I did make this thread over on SS.org before posting it here.)
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I'll have to put the Classic T models on my to-try list. Shame the finish options there are Anachronism Gold, Nuclear Waste and Aged Clown, because in principle the plaintop is right up my alley.

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Hey! Another St. John'ser?! HNPD, though why'd it take so long to arrive. My Nailbombs took about a week.
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Hey! Another St. John'ser?! HNPD, though why'd it take so long to arrive. My Nailbombs took about a week.
I got 'em from a guy in Quebec, who runs a custom shop and was able to get me them cheaper than BKP direct was. I told him I wasn't really in a rush though, he didn't send them off until I got word a couple days ago that my new 7-string was ready.

Also, **** yeah Newfoundland!
I've actually found a few other guys from this city on here, some of them I hang out with now. We have a group if you want to join it!
That is a huge cap.
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That is a huge cap.
I know dude. I heard the Jensen ones actually make a difference to your tone though, and it was only about $15 or $20. So I went with it, and the BKP custom pots.
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Did they only send you 6 strings with a seven string pickup?
That was one of the first things I noticed. My brother was like "Maybe they didn't know you were putting them in a seven?"
I just pointed out, "Seven bolts, seven strings."

The strings are pure nickel anyway though, so I can't use them (allergic to nickel.)
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