i lie i wake i ache

i glare i give i care

you crave you stare you fake

something we´ll be good at until the end

hang to dry my flooded diary

and wait until the sunset is laughing

you froze all the pretty roses

it laughs cause you turn everyone into monsters

you take the breath i push it out

we inoculate all we see

we are a frightful contagious disease

dropped the sand on skies rain

solid ground on burned out ways

we are made of stunning diecivings

im a stake i create

you just take until we break

fuel the flame just to fade

leaving me alone and unsatisfied

lighten up the outer space

anihilating all living thing you see

just a spark to incinerate

its the brightest star and all it could create

rain and water shine like diamonds

splashing waves of fate

come to my mind again

strange change of heart

brings us both to light

to a parade of moaning stars


shine shine butterflies in the sky

there´s no mind you wouldnt leave blind