I just got my dual rect head in and want to try the 4 cable method, I usually plugged the GT10 right into the input. Can someone tell me the most efficient way to hook up the 4 cable method?

Also, what is the recommended order for an effects chain...or is it all personal preference?

Again, im use to jsut plugging the pedal right into a peavey input. Now Im going the fxloop route.

Thanks for any input
There's only one way to do it, I'm not sure what you mean by "most efficient".

Also, for effects, general rule of thumb is any OD's/Distortions go in front of the amp, any time based FX (tremolo, delay, etc) go in the loop.

I personally put everything in the loop besides drives.
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Hehe, thank you sir. I was reading a review and some guy was saying he did something a little different but I wasnt following. I appreciate the diagram.