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Alright so first of all I'm not "new". I've been playing for 5 years, without my fingers hurting at all. I was playing mostly on nylon strings for the 5 years and recently switched to a steel string guitar, and my fingers have been hurting for the past few weeks now. Normally I would just blame the new guitar, but I played the first two or three weeks without any problems at all. So my question is, is the new guitar hurting my fingers, and it just took a while to set in? or could it be something else? and if it is, how can I fix it? Thanks!
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What part of your fingers is hurting? If it's just your fingertips it's probably just from the strings. Steel strings can carve up your fingers pretty good if you haven't built up thick enough calluses. If it's your joints or muscle pain, it's probably a combination of problems with your posture and using too much pressure. You don't need to squeeze the fretboard. Apply just enough pressure to fret the note.
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you have just switched to a steel string... the strings are alot tougher and stronger.. they will hurt your fingers for a while..
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Try different string gauge. Or switch back to nylon. Or just wait it out. Your fingers will adapt.
Ya it's just the tips not the joints. And thanks everybody! I was getting kind of worried hahaha
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Haha I can handle it just fine, I was just worried it was something else because it took a while to start hurting...
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