Hi guys,

I have been searching for a while now and I'm a bit stuck. I am getting rid of my Orange San Francisco as it's too slow and the screen is too small. I maiinly use my phone for apps and games and surfing the internet. I have seen a few phones I like in my price range and wondered if you guys could give me your opinion on them.

The ones I am interested in are the Samsung Nexus S (nice screen, last years flagship model), Samsung Galaxy W (Fast processor and big screen) and HTC EVO 3D (Dual-core / Fast, big screen). I may be able to stretch my budget slightly and a couple a bit out of my budget I am interested in are the Samsung Galaxy S II and the HTC Sensation XE/XL. As I said I do have a £300 budget but the lower the price the better but I still want it to be the best value for money. I can probably get the Samsung Galaxy and Sensation used within my budget but I would much prefer to get the phone brand new and on the 3 network

Thanks alot
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I got my Galaxy S II on gumtree for £200, if you hunt around, and you're careful, you can get a good deal

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Best phone I've ever owned is the g1 phone(Google phone) but that's just my choice, they came out ages ago, looking bout 100 quid or less