I have had my Bugera 6262 2 x 12 Combo Amplifier for about 2 years now and I have always been in love with it. Just recently thought I traded my behringer eurorack for a Crate Blue Voodoo 4 x 12 Cabinet. My Bugera still has it's original stock 4x 6L6 Tubes in it, but it is switchable to EL34's. It also has a impedance switch on it making it switchable between 4, 8, 16 OHMs as well as the Cabinet.

My question is can I have the Combo amp running it's own 2 x 12 speakers and use the one available output on the amp for the Crate Stack? And if I can, what Impedance should both the Combo amp and the Stack be set to?

Someone told me 8 OMH's across the board but I am not sure because the last time I did this, I remember changing the Combo amps fuse the next day...

Thanks for the input people! Feedback really helps!!!
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I'm not 100% sure that the fuse blowing has anything to do with me possibly having the impedance set wrong.