Just wanted to share with you guys the new keystones tuners I,ve just put on my old Epi SQ-180. She turned 20 last december... Heck, she's older than me!

Basically, I was restrignging her when I had the idea to try these tuners out. They are destined to go on my PRS EG build, but I wanted to test them and break them in before butting them on my build. But now, I will definately get her some keystone tuners when these will be gone. It just fit her much more then the old Schaller-style metal buttons.

How does GB&C think she looks now?
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Looks good, but are you missing bushings?

These are the bushings that camed with these tuners. They were too small, so I wrapped some tape round them so they would fit in the 10mm hole. But i wasnt able to put the washer too: the shaft is shorter then the original tuner's. Also, I didn't had the heart to handdrill another hole for the tuner screws... So all that holds them in are taped bushing, half the screws and some string tention. It does sound a bit dodgy, but I'm confident it'll do the trick fine.

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Also as to your sig, I think Paul Reed Smith created PRS guitars...

Same person
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That's the understatement of the year so far.

It looks cool but dont do something unless you are going to do it the right way.........
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String tension won't keep loose tuners in place, it will detune them. But I do realize that you are not keeping these on there permanently. They will look good but when you commit you should take the time to do it right.
Actually, they arent loose. The screw hold them fine, and the bushing is thight enough. It might sound dodgy, but its not floppy at all.