Saturday I am trading an amp for a Squier VM 70's all natural Jazz Bass (yes like yours Sudaka).

Anyways, I am I guess doing a preemptive strike on NBD with advanced questions/opinions based on some every day questions.

I am a BIG P bass fan, and now I won't diss a jazz, the P bass always had something yummy. I will be using BEAD tuning with this bass, and I am going to do the series/parallel to get some P like beef, and add my standard 500k audio pots.

Now everyone knows Jazz basses have 2 pickups and usually volume, volume, tone. But some are also Volume, Blend Tone. Of those would they act differently in series mode?

Also I wish Fender put switches on basses like the tele and Strat. Which leads me to my second question. Given the limited control plate surface area, I wonder if two tone knobs and a blend would be more dynamic and a 3 way switch between parallel/series/off for muting purposes?

To you would 1 tone knob and two volumes/balance give you more tonal variance than actually being able to control the actual tone of each pickup and pan between them? Granted yes you'd never be able to put the volume low, but I always leave mine 100%
Id say look into the idea of getting stackable knobs. I cant go into deep detail cos I only played on one, a American Jazz Deluxe that belonged to a friend but with the stackable controlls it did seem like it added more tonal variations. And Im sure it would help you obtain what your talking about, but then I could be wrong.
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I'll stay tuned to this thread, so i can see how your plan goes, and if there's nice to do with my jazz. particularly i don't know anything about wiring and stuf (but you seem to do :p so i can't really help.

the blend know is the one that in the middle uses both pick ups, and rolled up uses one or the other? if it is, and the other knob becomes a bass cut, it would give an extra tonal variation I think, but i wouldn's personally do that, even though I usually use the volume knobs 100% too. It isn't a bad idea, though.

as parallel/series wiring, what would you get out of it? Pbass is in parallel and Jbass is in series? Is that what makes P bass "punchy"?

I'm sorry I came out with more questions than answers, but this is also a chance to learn more about my instrument.

And i don't know why, but i felt kinda flattered when you remembered i had that VM jazz...
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+1 to stackable knobs.

I don't really mind the Vol, Vol, tone on my jazz... but if i did, i'd do something like, as to not muck up the control plate and "probably" not require any routing:

-Neck Vol/Tone
-Bridge Vol/Tone
-Blend knob or 3-way toggle switch

For some reason, i've always preferred blend knobs over 3 way switches, and i've never gotten much real-world mileage out of series/parallel switching.
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