Hi everybody! (Hi Dr. Nick!) o.k no seriously what's up guys and gals. I've never posted on this forum before but can use some input. I've been having a GK 410SBX whole stack since 2004 or 2003 even. I finally started gigging at the end of last year and I think one of my speakers crapped it (making a VERY mild fluttering when I hit open on the top string) I unplugged the culprit speaker and it seems to have stopped. I am guessing the voice coil is crapping out or something else. I've been looking all over the web for a replacement speaker and cannot for the life of me find one....if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. I dug up GK's phone number and will try to contact them tomorrow. The speaker model is 082-0017-B. I went on GK's store and could only find 082-0017-D which is not compatible.
call GK if you want an exact replacement,but you can put a diff speaker in aslong as it is the same ohms and will handel the wattage. Just hook it up like the one your taking out.
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