Couldn't think of a better title.
I've been slacking off WAY too much with my practice lately. My rhythm isn't what it used to be, my solo's are choppy, and all the riffs that I've been coming up with lately feel unnatural and forced.
So any advice for getting back in shape? Starting from scratch?
When that happens 2 me i just take a short break from guitar, or listen to some completely different music from what i'm used to or play an other instrument for a while :P
maybe warmup with scales for rhythms just listen to differrent rhythms in songs then copy them
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Not starting from scratch.. More like returning to basics. I'd say that you should start with your technique. Just go slow and correct the problems you notice, and start going faster. This is a process you've probably been repeating all the time and will keep on repeating in the future.

After that, when you're technique is effortless enough, start to go through the songs you've learned and perfect the timing. After that, you have to find out more about what the problem is.. But I'm pretty sure that if you still know you're scales and chords, musical technique practice will be enough to give you a creativity push. So I suggest arpeggios and scale patterns (Not up and down, mix it up).