Minions, I have decided to alter thee standard hertz level of 440 on my guitar to the traditionally accepted 432. how they decerned hertz back in the day is beyond me, but I for one shall not continue to advocate tuning to 440.

Who's with me?
i did a half-assed comparison test on myself with youtube clips and kept thinking that the 432 was slightly off.
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Who cares? Nobody is going to notice a 2 hz difference in that octave range...especially.

No, but they may notice an 8 Hz difference.
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Who cares? Nobody is going to notice a 2 hz difference in that octave range...especially.

its 8HZ, and the ancient greeks and egyptians might.
415, 440, or die.

that's how i was raised.
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440 - then I can play in tune with..I don't know - everyone but you.

i listened to a "demonstration" trying to convince me that 432hz was better or more natural. There was a single midi recording in which the only difference was the tuning. I was very skeptical.

I listened to the first one that said 440 and no great shakes. I thought it was a set up because it sounded out of tune somehow. Kind of "off" to be honest. Then I listened to the 432 Hz one and it sounded better. It was the same recording but everything sounded more pure and it just felt more natural.

I was extremely surprised and then listened again, the differences were still there only this time I realized that I was reading the labels wrong and the second one was actually the 440hz.

Then it made sense ot me. That's what i'm used to so that's what sounds "right" to my ear. The 432 just sounded kind of "off". But in a very subtle way. Hard to describe really.

440 all the way. -Or 444 then E will be 666
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Traditionally accepted? Since when?
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Traditionally accepted? Since when?

alot of the music i listen to is in this hz, it seems. tho it may be hard to distinguish
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You know this 432Hz stuff is numerological dogshit, don't you?

as much as i could easily brush it off and forget about it, i feel its worth the invested effort. you might give it a shot sometime. i feel it has a unique tone fuller than our ever propagated cousin 440