Hey UG,

Im currently looking for a humbucker guitar. My budget is about 750 euro. I'm a bluesrock guitarist with some funk and jazz touches. I'd like a nice, warm sound. Not too muddy, but a lot thicker than single coils. Nice clean sound and crunchy edges is what I need. I never play with a lot of gain.

So I've been looking into some PRS models.. they seem very nice for what I need, but I'm not a PRS expert so I really don't know what model is better for the sound I need. And ofcourse.. Epiphone/Gibson have some cool humbucker guitars. But I don't know a lot about them either hehe.

Hope you guys can help me out.


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If you can find a PRS CE model that would do the trick they are a bolt on and discontinued so it might be hard to find not sure what it would cost over there but they are worth it I find mine really good for blues and jazz. don't touch the Gibson/epi they sound great but I find I loose a lot in playability high up the neck other than that most PRS SE should do the trick
PRS SE, see if you can find a 25th anniversary model and then use what's left to upgrade the pickups.

Otherwise, look for a high end Epi used, and up the pickups in that one.

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with these brands you are pretty much going to get what you pay for. i would just look at an online guitar store and sort by price. find guitars in your price and check them out. It could be tough to find a Gibson, but the high end epiphones are nice guitars.

Look into Epiphone Semi-hollows; they'll do the blues/rock/jazz thing. Or obviously the Les Paul is a rock standard.
It wouldnt be hard to find a Gibson.

I can think of one Tribute 60 that is gorgeous and is bang in budget.

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You can certainly get some Gibsons within that budget. Alternatively, one of the nicer Epiphones and save some cash, if you don't want to max yourself out.

With PRS you'd pretty much be limited to the SE range, which are okay, but don't really represent value for money; Gibsons of around the same price are objectively better, Epiphones of around the same quality are cheaper.
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