I've just started to pick up guitar for about a month now by myself and the help of youtube. Just wondering if its necessary to take lessons and how it went for those who learnt guitar themselves
i agree with LivinJoke84. lessons will only help if you have a good teacher, which is harder to come by than you think. I took lessons at my local shop for a short bit and the guy just tuned my (already tuned) guitar for half the lessons then he would try and teach me a song from ear that you could easily find online for the rest.
You have YouTube, written lessons and a forum.

If you know how to use those three and you put a lot of effort in it you can learn anything you like.

I learned how to form chords from a friend, and learnt my first song (nothing else matters) from a guitar tab. It took me about 2 weeks to understand how to read the tab, I didn't even have a clue what a rhythm is

It is hard if you don't have a clue what you are doing. If you know how to find what you need, you read about it, see videos and etc. you can achieve it
I'm with these guys. Being 38, I can remember a time when learning on your own meant having to learn everything off a cassette tape or a record, and occasionally getting some tabs in the back of Guitar World. Now, with the amount of free lessons, YouTube vids, forums, and the like, we're spoilt for choice. Sometimes I can't actually believe how much help is out there nowadays. It's a completely different world for someone learning. There's access to just about everything you need, out there. I've learnt more on my own than I ever did with a teacher. Maybe I just had shit teachers, though...
There's enough information available on the internet, in magazines and tutorial books to make you an excellent guitar player. It just depends how much effort you put in. However, I would say that without a guitar tutor, I wouldn't be half the guitar player I am today. I might have even given up in frustration. So, if you ever feel the need to give up, maybe try getting a few lessons from a good tutor. Whilst my tutor wasn't the best in the world he always filled me with confidence and kept me on the straight and narrow. Guitar takes a lot of commitment but also belief. I'm much less disciplined now I don't have lessons but I'll never give up on guitar due to the belief my tutor gave me. Everything comes with patience and practice.
self-taught players can go as far as they want. my husband is self-taught, and he's one of the best guitarists i've worked with.
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Hard to tell...I've been teaching for more than 10 years now and I find that there are some people who did a really great self-teaching job, but about 70-80% wasted their time, and even if they didn't, they regret not having "gone methodical" earlier.

Try to record your playing and ask yourself if you like what you see/hear
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I been playing a little over a year now self taught with a few pointers from a friend , I practice everyday at least an hour often longer I can play all major chords loads of barre chords a few scales nd my fingers dont hurt any more . When I first started i didnt think i would make it but now i feel progression everyday ............oh and i now have 4 guitars and a uke and a 12 string Practice till you cant pick your nose lol
Like others have said, it all depends on how you practice. You have every resource you need on the internet - how far you go depends only on how you go about learning.
I'm completely self-taught and have taken myself far enough to get consistent gigs and a solid audience. I couldn't find any teachers that could play fingerstyle well, so I was determined to practice and understand it.
On a recent interview, Richie Faulkner (current lead guitarist for Judas Priest) admitted to being self-taught and not really knowing the names of most scales he played so there you go.