Afternoon all,

I'm currently using a Line 6 Spider Valve MK.1 212 amp - but the time has come for a change.

I'm looking for a mid - large combo amp and budget is around £500.

If I could get some suggestions/ reasons that'd be grand. Ideally, I need a nice clean tone, with a killer distortion - think Alter Bridge etc...
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Of the top of my head, amps in that'll suit are:
Blackstar HT40/20
(the ht40 is more versatile)
They are awesome amps and EXTREMELY versatile, they can get from super clean funk or jazz to vintage blues to modern death metal. People will bitch about them having a solid state phase inverter (which is true) but everything else is tube and they sound awesome nonetheless and it's very hard to realist anything solid state about them.

Jet City JCA5012
Not as versatile but it's completely tube and sounds great. Eminence speakers, Soldano distortion (gets very heavy) and the cleans are pretty good. Unfortunately there's no reverb.

Jet City JCA5212RC
Better cleans than its former, less high gain but can still reach pretty high gain (may need a boost for metal. It also has built in tube driven spring reverb and is a 2x12.
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Peavey 6560 Combo?

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It's got way more gain on tap than you will ever need for alter bridge, poor cleans and too much mids.

BTW Its called the peavey 6505.
PM me buddy.

I can sort you something nice out

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I would suggest replying in a thread that you started in the first place. We can't do all the work, we need to know exactly what you and and what is catching your eye.
Thanks for the replys!

I tried a Blackstar HT 20 and A Peavey 6505 today. The Blackstar didn't really capture what I'm after in terms of distortion, whereas the 6505 didn't have a nice clean.

Been advised to look at the Valveking next!
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^ **** that shit, get a traynor then (~£480 on thomann for the ycv50b)

i didn't recommend it sooner as i figured the peavey would do the distortion you wanted, but if you'd rather have an all-rounder, then the traynor is way better than the valveking.
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