The best guitar for you is the one that gets you excited about playing.

Some may laugh at the idea of buying a Squier strat and thinking you're Jimi Hendrix for 5 days, but think about it... If you get that RUSH from playing? Mission accomplished.

Anything to get you to pick up the instrument and play, and get addicted to that feeling.

If you are a beginner you WILL NOT buy a guitar that is worthy of a professional. You WILL (unless your Daddy's rich) likely be looking at one of the following models:


So what? What you should shop for is an instrument store you can TRUST and establish a relationship with. That is NOT GUITAR CENTER!!!!!

A local shop will SUPPORT you and if you buy something like the above (Epi, Cort, whatever) and something goes wrong, which is likely, then they SHOULD service it for you and get you playing again...

Find a shop you can trust and some dudes (or dudettes) that will be with you for several years as you grow as a guitarist. Start with the place you take lessons (if you do).

When you get $300 and get excited about that Epiphone Les Paul that's been staring at you for months, then BUY IT!!!


You will get it and feel a wonderful high from owning this beautiful thing called a guitar, and you will plug it in and feel this delightful electricity all up and down your spine, and that joy is called BEING A MUSICIAN!

It's a wonderful, beautiful thing, and your specific choice of a $300 instrument means very little. What means A LOT is your motivation to play it, and the willingness of your COMMUNITY - that is your family and friends and the guys at the guitar shop to support you in your new addiction.

And that's what it is, an addiction. It's the best addiction! As a proud junkie (of music) let me suggest to you MY first guitar:

Yamaha Pacifica - a fine instrument that comes stock with crappy pickups.

Pickups are relatively cheap: $100 is a great idea for Christmas!!

So put some Seymour Duncans or EMG's on your list to Santa this year.

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only personal views dude...
go to the store and ask them
i say yamaha pacifica 012 for a beginer...