he....can any one tell me

mesa boogie mini rectifier :


laney iron heart 60 w combo...its the new boss..rueling metal music

apart from the tone...whats the differnce between quality of sound plus the overdrice and amp distortion ???
on the basis of metallica crunch music....also smothness like " nothing else matters" " one intro "

thankx ....
Quality of sound is an opinion. They are both excellent sounding amps. Play them and buy whatever ou like more.
i asked this because there is no store in my city....only online shopping is avaiable...
u can tell me u r personal views about that....thankx
i like the mini rec better. it has better cleans. in terms of distortion, the both sound excellent.
How will be laney irt60 + 212 ironheart vs irt60 combo...?(it includes a custom not celestion driver )
I say get the Iron Heart! You get more amp.

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Off the bat I'm inclined to say the Laney, because of how little I know about your situation. Always better to have enough wattage and not need all of it than to not have enough, regardless of tone.

That said, answer these questions, and we'll help you find an amp. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1387138
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Laney, more features, better tone( atleast IMO as all ive heard is the online samples), and has the ability to roll back the wattage down to 1 watt so you can crank it without blowing yr ears out. This will be my next amp.
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If you like rectifier high gain, get the mini rec. I have firsthand experience myself and was a huge disbeliever of it at first. Just play one if you can. It truely is a mini dual rec.

The best part is the lower wattage can make it also do bluesy type sounds alot better and the cleans are phenominal.

And it gets loyd as **** when you need it too