A few months ago I met up with my bro "Jeff" on Saturday night, and we were bored, so we decided to catch a movie. When we got to the movie theater we both had to piss, so we went into the restroom. The restroom had a lot of people in it, so we ended up standing at urinals next to each other. While I was pissing I noticed Jeff curiously glancing down at my fat, 7.5 inch flaccid schlong out of the corner of his eye. I wasn't sure what to think, but I'm not bashful, so I moved my hand away so he could get a full look at my long hanging dong. I looked over at him and he quickly looked away. We finished up and went into the theater. The theater was jam packed. A full house on a Saturday night, for a new movie. The theater was packed enough that we sat next to each other, unable to follow the unwritten man code of one chair in between each guy.

During the movie our legs touched a few times, because we were so packed in. It wasn't a big deal, but I noticed when I would move my legs a way a little, he would move his legs towards mine so they were touching again. A few minutes later, Jeff placed his hand on my right leg and light-heartedly laughed at something in the movie. I wondered why his hand was on my leg and why he didn't remove it. Jeff started rubbing my leg lightly with his soft hands. After a few minutes of this Jeff started rubbing my leg a little more aggressively, and began rubbing my inner thigh grasping with a firm hold. I looked over at him, and he appeared to be watching the movie, but saw what appeared to be a big, bulging erection in his snug fit jeans. At this point I was in complete shock, but his soft hands repeatedly rubbing my inner thigh felt good, and it made me rock hard.

Jeff got closer and closer to my bulge, until I started leaking precum. Unable to take it anymore, I grabbed Jeff's hand and placed it on my pulsating penis, which was trapped in my pants. Jeff unzipped my pants and freed my 10 inch boner which sprung out like a jack in the box, exposed for everyone around us to see if only the theater wasn't so dark and gloomy. Holy ****, I thought. Jeff looked down at it in amazement and began stroking it with his left hand, while exposing his own 7 inch uncut dick from his jeans and jerking himself off with his right hand. At this point we were both so worked up it didn't take long. After only a few minutes, we both blew our loads. I moaned quietly but my load went everywhere, including on people 3 seats in front of us. Jeff is a shooter too apparently, except his wasn't quite as far as mine (but enough to get the people in front of us). We both quietly put our cum soaked penises back into our pants and finished the movie. Somehow we were not reported for this, though I'll never know how. All I can say is everything went better than expected and it truly was a movie experience.

CLIFFS: Went to the movie theater with a guy friend. Received a handjob in a packed movie theater and shot my load on people.
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