I use Guitar Rig 5 and am trying to record my own songs. There are tons of presets in Guitar Rig, and I haven't taken the time to understand all the different options so I just use the presets.

Right now I am trying to record a metal riff, but I am having a hard time getting a great sound. I have a few questions that I think could really help me improve the track.

Should I double track all guitar parts? [Rhythms and leads (maybe in harmony), or just rhythms?]
Should I use different presets for each part? Or just slight differences in the EQing or something?
Should I make my own presets or are Guitar Rig's great?
What should I do about palm muted notes that have that 'strummy' sound?
Double track
Make your own presets
Google EQing guitars
search UG about impulse loaders
Look at other guitar recording topics in recording area (including the other one on first page)
Wow, I am actually very interested in using impulses but why does it seems of hard to actually get started? Can I use them in combination with Guitar Rig? Also the UG ultimate guide thing seems really out of date, why does it go through KeFir when you can't even download that program anymore?
Get Le Cab 2
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I haven't taken the time to understand all the different options so I just use the presets.

Found your problem. The presets always suck.
I think when I die, I'm going to get "It's impulse RESPONSE, damn it!! Impulse RESPONSE!!!" engraved on my tombstone (if I'm buried)...

That aside, all you need to use an impulse response is any plug-in that will take an incoming signal and add the effect of the IR to it (convolution reverbs are great for this if you can't find a 'cab loader', and I use one rather than downloading stuff I don't need, as they work on the same principle but generally have more options as they need to cater for people playing with delays and such).

As an interesting aside to anyone who actually reads the crap I spout, try using a cab IR as the basis for your reverb on something... can come out with interesting results!
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