This past week or so i've really found it tough to pick up my guitar. I don't want guitar to be something i have to force myself to do.

Every time i pick up my guitar these days i just screw around / doodle on it for about 10 minutes or so just doing some kewl improv and i get bored and put it down.

Recently one of the threads on this forum linked me to:


I haven't heard a solo that awesome in a long long time personally. It's got that real eery / creepy feel to it that i've always liked in solo's. I'd learn this solo were it not for sucking at the alternate picking passages.

Does anyone know any artists with solo's similar to that type? Those types of arpeggio's make me crap my pants just a little.
It's solo's like that which make me want to push myself, but that solo is just a little too beyond my limits.

Any advice or insight of any kind would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
You can try anything djent - death/melodeath like.
Try Threat Signal, Scar Symmetry, Disarmonia Mundi and similar bands or use youtube to find related music.

EDIT: You won't get anything technically easier though.
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Scar Symmetry is a very good recommendation - Per Nilsson is an incredibly interesting lead guitarist who really has a good handle on making unique sounding solos.

I'd also recommend The Human Abstract. Their albums Nocturne and Digital Veil are loaded with similarly phrased bits throughout.

Between the Buried and Me's solos lines are similar, but they are more jazz-inspired than that and are less focused on the lead guitar and more on the overall feel of the song.
I don't listen to much Yngwie Malmsteen but i reckon he might have a few tracks like that.