Hey guys, I'm about to put up some music together as in an album. do you think a good idea is to release each track daily for example or to release the whole thing at once? the reason I see myself doing the first is because that way everybody gets to check out each song as opposed to the whole albume where people just check a few tracks and that's it.... what do you think?

Also do you think a little video to promote it would be a good idea?
I personally would just get it all out as soon as possible so people can hear it. Track by track is asking for too much in my opinion, and I'd rather take it in in one listen... and yeah, any kind of promotion you can do is a very good idea. Go for it.
most people will still only listen to the first couple of tracks if you stagger the release, the only difference is you will probably lose people that didn't like the first track, since they will have to wait till the next day to listen to the next track. in other words you would have less people that are only casual fans since they don't get the option to find a track they like. so I would say just release them all

then for the video.... go for it, promoting the music is never a bad thing.
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The thing about one by one, is that if the first track bombs and people dont really like it - if they have nothing else available to try listening to (ie. rest of the album isnt available)... they arent going to go back and check out any more after that. Not saying that will happen, just that it *could*.
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