I am starting a music blog. The same thing has been done millions of times, so what makes this one any different? Frankly, nothing. But free critique/exposure never hurt anyone.

All you have to do is fill out this:

Artist Name:
Link To Download Record:

It doesn't have to be an album. Im just as happy with an EP or demo, singles are accepted; but probably won't be reviewed unless I have nothing else to work with.

I would prefer to include a link for readers to download the record for free as well. Another intention isn't just to help bands, but to help fans find awesome new free music.
Artist Name: Jack Rollin' Dandies
Genre: Rock/Southern
Influences: Aerosmith/Black Crowes/Etc.
Bio: 5 young men from Oshawa, Ontario living in the Dandy Manor and getting by.
Members: John Ross (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar), Andy Thompson (Lead Guitar), Braden Docherty (Bass), Colin Sheppard (Keys), Rex Taylor (Drums)

Link To Download Record: www.myspace.com/JackRollinDandies
Artist Name: Frostbite
Genre: Rock
Influences: Evans Blue, Five Finger Death Punch, Rob Thomas, Zakk Wylde,
Bio: 5 folks from Alaska, 4 of us in the Army, started off as roomates jammin out, and grew to a band.
Members: Stephen Waalkes (Vocals), Nate Sandback (Lead Guitar) Mike Andruss (Rhythm Guitar) Jeff Liford (Drums), Michael Johnson (Bass)
Link To Download Record: UG Band Profile and Facebook Bandpage

we only have a handful of songs out right now, but its a continuing working progress, we're looking for critisim and exposure as we continue to push out more songs. Thanks a ton!
Artist Name: Khylist
Genre: Alternative/Progressive Metal
Influences: Intronaut, Baroness, Mastodon, Kylesa
Bio: 4 friends from Southern Ontario Canada, based out of Whitby, performs in Toronto.
Members: Ian Steadman (Guitar, Vocals, Secondary Drums) Colin Hough (Bass, vocals) Mackenzie Clugston (Drums) Brad Hodgkinson (Guitar, Vocals)
Link To Songs: http://www.youtube.com/user/khylist?feature=watch our first EP is on youtube - the song order is 1. Distance 2. For Joel Fletcher 3. New Years Day 4. New Years Day Part 2
Artist Name: A Haunted Mantra
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Influences: In Flames, At The Gates, Opeth, Gojira, Trivium, Veil of Maya
Bio: 4-piece melodeath band from Charlotte, NC with an EP out entitled Origins. We are currently playing shows around NC.
Members: Ehsan (vocals/bass), Talha (guitar, backing vocals), JP (guitar), Will (drums)
Link to download: http://soundcloud.com/a-haunted-mantra or https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Haunted-Mantra/169989586376289
Artist Name: Pocket Messiah
Genre: Indie Rock
Influences: Bowie, Pixies, Zappa, Pavement, Cardiacs
Bio: Pocket Messaih are a 3-piece from South London. We've been together for about 5 months but have been making music for years individually.
Members: Steve Chennells is on Guitar and vocals, Mark O'Neill is on Bass and vocals and Steve Linton is on Drums.
Link To Download Record: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24228267/Love%20Hurts%20Tendril%20Boy%20EP.zip
Artist Name: First Born Son
Genre: Rock
Influences: Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, Vaeda, Smashing Pumpkins & the Pixies.
Bio: (Copied from our Facebook page in my sig) After nearly 10 months of blood, sweat and tears, FIRST BORN SON finished recording their first tracks at Notes Studios between the 18th and 20th of February 2012. The result is three songs that blend rhythm and harmony, creating songs that will stand the test of time
Members:Gaz Stephenson (Singuitarist), Luke Gregson (Bass), Ethan Iredale (Drums) and Ben Parker (Guitar)
Link To Download Record: www.facebook.com/firstbornsonrock or www.reverbnation/firstbornson

NOTE: Ignore the current profile picture for the minute, we're waiting for some pictures to be edited and sent back to us
NOTE 2: When we get 100+ likes, we are uploading an acoustic version of "Rise and Shine", you might want to include that if you write about us, just saying
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Artist Name: Eleven Dollars

Genre: Pop / Alternative

Influences: DMB, Coldplay, John Mayer just to name a couple... our list is miles long!

Bio:Eleven Dollars is a band that spans across several genres. they bring both up-beat and slow melodic songs with powerful and personal lyrics. The band uses instrumentation
and rich harmonies in all of their music to express their sound and excite their audience.
In 2003, long-time friends Chris Mills and Cris Womack shared an apartment in Lewisville, TX. Like so many other musicians, the two starting playing and writing songs for fun. Their creativity turned into serious business as they began playing venues in the Denton area. Trying to think of a band name, Mills and Womack ended up choosing Eleven Dollars, “since that’s all we thought we would make.”

Of course, they underestimated themselves and, in 2005, they picked up the lead guitar skills of Brandon Deem and bass player, Doug Benscoter. The four-piece band played venues and festivals for another two years before bringing in the final piece to the puzzle: musician, Steve Hughes. With the newly crafted band finally in place, Eleven Dollars has recorded a popular EP, “Missing Pieces,” and is currently working on their first LP, “Studio B,” projected for a late summer 2010 release. Eleven Dollars has grown from a small apartment band into a potential musical powerhouse: acoustically driven feel with a rock edge allow for the addition of a wide range of vocal melodies to be laid over the top with ease.

In addition to their albums, the music of Eleven Dollars has been featured in the independent films, “After School Special” (“Laurensong&rdquo and “In Eternity” (“You,” “Goodnight and Goodbye&rdquo. With multiple tours lined up for the summer and the talents of multiple booking agents, Eleven Dollars is geared toward becoming the next big music attraction.

In 2010, four of Eleven Dollars songs, “Laurensong”, “Near or Far”, “Cold Night” and “Goodnight and Goodbye” have peaked in the Top 20 on Indie-music.com’s Pop Rock charts.

Fast-forward to 2011, Eleven Dollars is now signed to one of the world’s leading independent record labels, Blue Pie Records. Blue Pie will be digitally distributing all their music for fans and Indie music lovers.

Eleven Dollars is part of the Blue Pie Family of Artists. For More Information on Blue Pie Please Visit www.bluepie.com.au

Members: Chirs Mills (Vocal, Acoustic), Steve Hughes (Vocal, Harmony, Acoustic, Electric), Brandon Deem (Electric), Doug Benscoter (Harmony, Bass), Cris Womack (Drums)

Link To Download Record:


Its also on iTunes if that doesn't work.

Life is short. PLAY LOUD!
Artist Name: Attacking The Mind
Genre: Metal/Core
Influences: As I Lay Dying, Linkin Park, Pantera, Metallica.
Bio: A one-man ordeal from small-town Iowa, Attacking The Mind simply aims to create hard hitting metal with a meaningful message behind the songs. Attacking The Mind released a debut EP in September of 2011 and is currently working on a full-length album.
Members: Brady Harding
Link To Download Record: http://attackingthemind.bandcamp.com/album/attacking-the-mind-ep
Name: Deranged Youth
Genre: Hardcore Punk/Thrash
Influences: Bad Brains, AFI, Superjoint Ritual, NOFX, Celtic Frost
Bio: Our singer clicked what he thought was American Gangster on the TV Guide channel, but it was actually American Hardcore. The next day at school he got a band together. We then spent 2 years dicking around playing Minor Threat covers and recording ourselves on a boom box before finally getting our shit together and recording a decent EP.
Members: Spenser (vox/guitar), Bill (drums), Lee (guitar), Tyler(bass).
Link: http://derangedyouth.bandcamp.com/ Free EP!
Artist Name: 21st Century Band
Genre: Rock
Influences: Pink Floyd, Beatles, The Who. Favorite album is Dark Side of the Moon.
Bio: One man band. Songwriter from Northern Michigan. Multitracking, sing, play guitar, bass, keyboard. I love writing and recording music for the sake of doing it. However, I do think my music has commercial potential as well.
Members: Nathan Belville
Link To Download Record: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/21stcenturyband2#

the Songs are 49 cents a piece and 2.99 for the whole album. It's well worth it. But hey, if you just want to preview it you can do that and decide if it sounds interesting. This is a cool idea.
Artist name: Stoner Rocket
Influnces: nasa, sputnik, elton johns rocket man, herbal tea/brownies/cigarettes, jet propulsion, buzz aldrin...
Bio: Stoner Rocket was once your typical Tauranga musician that also happens to be a rocket. Staid, prosaic, pretentious, clichéd with dual thrusters and the ability to warp speed. By day he played his acoustic guitar on Devenport Road busking for loose change while pumping out the top 40, automatons please reach deep into your dusty pockets, hits. By night he jammed on the Strand with his covers band – playing all the Tiki Tane, Exponents, Dave Dobbyn classics one wouldn’t hope for when drowning their sorrows on a dead Saturday night in a dilapidated ghost town while lamenting their previous nights lack of penile protection that lead to a severe case of itching, weeping, pus filled venereal disease. Whatever free time he had left was spent sitting around his silo, fedora on, waist coat at the ready, writing sprawling 13 minute songs about girls, rocket girls…girls he liked, girls he loved, girls that didn’t love or like him, girls that liked, loved and licked other girls, all sang over one chord, picked intricately while smoking away on a Marlboro light, sipping a skim milk café latte and nibbling on an organic, home cooked gluten free carob brownie….

One week Stoner Rocket had his good friend and former space traveller Apollo 14 come stay at his launch pad. Apollo was a child of the 70s and therefore quite liberated. Stoner Rocket was a child of Tauranga in the 90s and therefore very conservative. He read the bible, loved his mum and read stories to sick kids at the hospital on Thursday evenings. Stoner rocket was unfamiliar with the ways of the fast living American space explorer. So when he came home from men’s choir practice and saw a fresh batch of cookies, a nicely folded, filter-less fat cigarette and a cup of herbal tea he thought that good old Apollo must be trying to do something nice for his host. So he lit up that cigarette, took a bite, had a sip and then started to swim in a sea of serenity. His world turned upside down and then back around again in a kaleidoscope of colours. His mind morphed and mutated into a monster of mentality. His metal body quivered and shook in a state of ecstasy. Sounds were louder, more resonant, magic prevailed. His hands were suddenly huge. His eyes saw nothing yet everything. His mouth curled and whispered strange non-sequiturs to the wind. He was happy, so happy. He laughed and laughed. He was at peace and one with the world. He had to write a song. And he did.

What came out was not the usual generic, wishy, washy pap expected of a Tauranga musician, it was something so much more. It was the unusual. Something original. Something spooky. Something ethereal. Something majestic. Something beautiful. He was now truly a space cade singing with the stars. He is Stoner Rocket….

Stoner Rockets strung out, deep fried brain, rocket fueled ramblings are available now through Savant Garde Records cause he is all prestigious and shit…

Member: Stoner Rocket

Link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stoner-Rocket/220793524684852?sk=info
Artist Name:
Prinsen av Bhutan

Nirvana, Pixies, Thåström, Kings of Leon, Hellström, the Strokes, Babyshambles

Prinsen av Bhutan is a swedish indie(punk) quartet started in late 2011. Three of the four members have previously been seeking success with bands but left it all behind to try and charm the national scene with their brand of thinking folks indie. The songs are straight forward and accessible enough, but the lyrics are deep and touches subjects from a wide range such as anxiety, partying, love, casual sex, society and local personalities.

Going with the punk "theme" that many of us are influenced by, we decided just to not give a shit about Facebook pages and such, and start with releasing it by uploading it to the PirateBay instead. We wish for our songs to be naked and real, and thusly we record everything without metronome and other enhanching techniques. Almost everything is done in one take.

We want to keep it down to earth for people, so feel free to download our EP BRUTTONATIONALLYCKA and spread it so people can get to hear it. The fact that we sing in swedish might be a turn off, but I don't know? Check it out and see if you like it. Let go of any preconceptions and give it a spin.

Ben Hansen, Marcus Berggren, David Rydborg, Tim Olsson

Link To Download Record:
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Artist Name: James Robinson
Genre: Instrumental Covers
Influences: Eric Clapton, Joe Satriani, Jeff Buckley
Bio: James Robinson is a mathematican who sometimes likes to pretend he's a musician and isn't boring. All instruments, recording, producing and artwork is done by him in a shed somewhere.
Members: Just James
Link To Download Record: http://www.last.fm/music/James+S+Robinson/Snapshots
Artist Name: Call To Arms
Genre: Hard Rock/ Metal
Influences: Trivium, Bullet For My Valentines, Gallows, Machine Head
Bio:Call To Arms are a 5 piece metal band hailing from the Leeds area. C.T.A. first began in mid December 2010 under the title of 'MintBerry Crunch' when both Tom Wiseman & Curtis Duncan was asked fill in a set at Selby's Riverside bar. But with only 2 weeks to prepare, local Bradford drummer Jordan Dinsdale came in for help. After the show was played. Mintberry was asked back to the bar to support a very well renowned AC/DC tribute named 'Hells Bells' . This would prove to be a make or break show, this being the case extra crunch would be needed!. Guitarist Pete Coultas and bringer of Art Banymandhub were soon drafted to complete the line-up. After quickly gelling as a unit the band have quickly thrived. The band has also played with respectable bands at respectable venues, including playing the main support slot to the mighty Tygers Of Pan Tang. In August of 2011, Pete Coultas left the band leaving it a still very strong 4 piece. after a short while, Tom White was brought in, completing the line-up once again. In December 2011 the current bassist Josh Perry was brought in shortly after Art Banymandhub decided to part ways with the band.
Members: Curtis Duncan - Vocals
Tom Wiseman - Guitar/ Backing Vocals
Tom White - Guitar
Josh Perry - Bass
Jordan Dinsdale - Drums
Link To Download Record:
Artist Name: Anna Me
Genre: Alternative Rock
Influences: The Velvet Underground, The Unicorns, Sonic Youth, The Libertines, Nirvana
Bio: Anna Me is a two-piece alternative rock band. We write pop songs and sing them over heavy, toneless noise.
Members: Tom Linton (Guitar/Vocals), James Burton (Drums/Vocals)
Link To Download Record: http://soundcloud.com/anname/sets/anna-me-the-broccoli-sessions
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Artist Name:
Prinsen av Bhutan

This is good btw. I'll seed the torrent for a while.
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Artist name: Shadowmind

Genre: Norwegian Metalcore

Influences: All That Remains, Parkway Drive, Purified In Blood

Bio: Formed in Early 2011 on the cold and unforgiving south west coast of Norway, Shadowmind released their first demo "Rebirth" in June, 2011. Finally, the debut album "World Gone Mad" was released on the 9th of March, 2012.

Vocals: Alexander Soares Varhaug
Guitars: Tore Fagerheim
Guitars: Thomas Nesse
Bass: Palmer Møller Hegre
Drums: Vadim Chernyshov

Link To Download Record:
Listen (or buy) : http://shadowmind.bandcamp.com/
Listen and download: http://soundcloud.com/shadowmindband
Guitarist and composer of the band SHADOWMIND. Check it out:

Artist: Superior Inferior

Genre: Alternative?

Influences: I would say it's a weird combination of ambient rock, soundscapes, and video game music

Bio: A project that I've been working on for a while now (since I started audio work). I use a lot of synth stuff and guitar. Based in Chicago.

Members: Nick Pierce (woot)

Link To Music: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/randomthoughts/
Artist Name: Last Man Standing
Genre: Hard rock/ metal
Influences: all music
Bio: formed late 2011 by the lead singer guitarist and drummer with another guitar palyer and bass player joining later
Members: Dan Ryan - guitar vocals, Matt o'neill - drums, Trent Knight - guitar, Liam Jenkins - Bas
Link To Download Record: http://www.reverbnation.com/lastmanstanding2

Artist Name: Blonde Bear

Genre: Post Rock, Ambient/Atmospheric Rock

Influences: Thrice, Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, Moving Mountains, The Republic of Wolves, Brand New, Yndi Halda

Bio: Two brothers playing music together from Gold Coast, Australia. Their Self Titled Debut EP was released early 2012 and mixed and Mastered by Gregory Dunn of Moving Mountains.

Members: Paul Slater (Guitar/Vocals/Bass/Glockenspiel) and Rhys Slater (Drums/Percussion)

Link To Download Record:
Free download at

Artist Name:Simon Says Die from Vancouver, WA
Genre: We just call ourselves metal, but im sure people will break out the sub genre's sooner or later lol
Influences: KsE, ATR, As I Lay Dying, Sevendust, Pantera,
Bio: Simon Says Die started out in September of 2011 by guitarist Sean Bowden, who decided to take his musical future into his own hands after being in numerous local bands since high school. With four songs that he had written in hand, he approached ex-drummer of local band Last Stand(which Sean had also been a part of), Ryan Pruitt, about starting a band that would draw heavily from bands that had influenced their playing, while also infusing their own style of groove that had made their playstyle unique. After revising the structure of the songs and writing lyrics Sean contacted the ex-frontman of Beside the Abyss, Joshua Johnson, giving him the opportunity to join in on a more melodic kind of metal than Johnson was used to. With the base of the band filled, they got an opportunity to play a local show with Johnson's ex-band, picking up a temporary fill-in bassist to round out the rhythm section. After receiving enthusiastic support, they found bassist Josh Bridge to complete their quartet. Line-up complete, they have embarked on a journey to write the music they love and see how far it can take them. Currently in the top 10 in their genre in the Ernie Ball's Battle of the Bands, they are poised to break out and show their region what they're made of.
Members: Joshua Johnson - Vocals, Sean Bowden - Guitars, Josh Bridge - Bass, Ryan Pruitt - Drums
Link To Download Record: http://warped.battleofthebands.com/u/SimonSaysDie (this is our Battle of the Bands link where you can listen to our track and vote for us, and the link to our FB is on there with our other tracks. None are free to download but I'll work on getting them that way)
Artist Name: Skint
Influences:Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Muse, Metallica, Wolfmother, Deep Purple, Tool, Mike Oldfield, Opeth, Led Zepplin, ACDC.
Bio:Started in August 2011 by guitarist Josh McAlinden and Drummer Aidan Craig. They recruited bassist Liam Quayle and soon after, Vocalist Kevin Cunningham.
$kint are a Hard Rock/Metal band on the rise from Northern Ireland aspiring to reach the top with rock and Metal gods like Black Sabbath, Metallica, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and the like.
Our sound is unique and recognisable yet easy to relate to and most importantly "In Your Face" music ready to break down doors in the big bad competitive world of music.
Members: Josh Mcalinden, Liam Quayle, Kevin Cunningham, Aidan Craig, Aodhan Duffy
Link To Download Record: http://skinttheband.bandcamp.com/
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