Hey there. I have a question.
In some tabs i've seen, it seems i'm supposed to pick the low-E string and the D-string, but not the A-string. like so:


How i'm I supposed to do that with a pick? is the D-string just kind of an accent or something that I just hold my finger on and pick the E-string, or what?
You need to mute it with the finger that you are using to play the 7 on the E string, it may seem difficult at first but soon you'll learn to do it naturally
The finger just needs to rest gently on it, enough to stop the sound but not enough to play the note
Typically, you'd play a dead note on the A string. To do this, you hold whichever finger is fretting the E string, lightly on the A string to deaden it (plink sound).

Or you can use hybrid picking, where you'll strum the E string with your pick and pluck the D string with an opening picking hand finger, at the same time.

I'd suggest the former in this case.
ok, so it's like:


haha, I believe I can do that, I havn't played for a very long time and it seems that I keep muting tones all the time involuntary, so I should be ok

Thanks for the help!