Ok so i kinda want a small tatoo on my back. Theres this line from a nirvana song "with eyes so dialated ive become your pupil" and me being a recovering drug addict ive related it to it alot over the years. I was thinking of a didalted blue eye. Ill leave it to the artist to add whatever he feels makes it better.

And plus itll be on my back so itll be like someones watching my back at all times.

So basically just a dialated eye with a blue iris, nothing to hard i would think. i would do it but im a terrible artist.

So is anyone interested in trying to help me? if u want to talk more about it either post here or email me at wutanger77@yahoo.com
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Go to a parlor and ask one of their artists to do it. That's what they do. It's their job.

If you let somebody draw whatever for you it probably won't work as a tat the way they drew it and whoever does the tat will just redraw it or fix it. You may as well have just had them do it from scratch in the first place.
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My work isnt free though
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Why don't you just do what I did?

Go online and find the images you'll need, trace them onto some paper, add whatever you want to it, and take that to a tattoo artist and say, "Make a stencil out of this and tattoo it on me. Hell, redraw it if you want, but keep it the same."

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There was a lot of hard work put into those tattoo designs and I'm sure TS would be happy. It's HIS body. If he wants to use these brilliant tatoos made for him, why can't he?
Suck of this judgmental shit on UG. Unless it's a brown eye, it's not cool? I mean for shits sake.