I'm currently taking apart and restoring an electric guitar for the first time ever. I have basic knowledge in terms of guitar specs and hand-work with replacing things on guitars. I'm being extremely careful, of course, and I am doing this restoration on an inexpensive, typically 'basic' guitar - The Fender Squier Affinity series. If I mess it all up, it's still a learning experience, minus one old guitar, half-decent guitar that has been in the storage for a while. :P

Well, as you may have guessed, the sound was awful when I got it back out. This particular guitar is known for its lack of solid tone; the pick-ups are shabby and the neckwood was dull and dead to the note.

So far, I have removed:

The scratchplate, with the volume/tone knobs and pick-up switch still attached.
All 3 pick-ups.
The neck.
The bridge.
And the back plate.

I did this so I could fully sand off the varnish (I am going off-track, but basically, I'm using a chemical method to get it down to a natural finish)

My main worry for the future is where my stupidity left me: Before removing the solder attaching the wires to the volume/tone/switch etc. and henceforth removing the pick-ups from the body and the scratchplate+the knobs and switch from the body, I didn't note down which wire was attached to which spot etc. etc. which would have been comforting to have. Right now, the body has two wires sticking out of it: A black wire and a white wire. The only thing I know is that the white wire was attached to the volume, so what does that make the white wire and the black wire?

Once I learn more knowledge on the wiring, I should be set to put new pick-ups in. I'm a bit of a reckless one when it comes to DIY. :P

Thanks a lot,


(I would have put pictures up, but apparently they are too large in memory)
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I believe this will do, if not look around the site for the proper diagram.


Perfect. This is a lot clearer than the other diagrams I've looked at.

The wire coming from the left hand side, the one that is connected to the bridge pick-up alone, must be the black wire.

And the wire coming from the left connected to the volume must be the white wire.

Thanks dude.
Glad to help, lots of good diagrams on that site. It's where i learned for when i was wiring
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