Hey guys...

Ive been playing lead guitar so long and strumming on power chords it just has lost its magic.. everything i play seems to be dull and not interesting... even with the power chords i try diff progressions like I ii IV V and other things... and i do the same with bar chords like 7th major and minor and other ones... idk whats wrong, but i just cant come up with a song or anything anymore. i find myself playing constantly to backing tracks with leads.... what should i do! guitar is the most important thing in my life right now besides my wife and god... my lead is improving... but i dont know guys. i feel like ive lost something very close to me, and would love some advice.

i know this is awkward, but u guys prob know best

Study some percussion. Break up the syncopation. Work with different time signatures...
The first thing you need to do is sell your soul to the devil if you really want to start playing good music.
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Ultimately, you need to connect with the music you're listening to. Your inspiration will come from things you hear. So expand the palette of music you're exposing yourself to until something grabs you and doesn't let go.