The Muse of Sanguine Insanity

The web of fate spreads out before me,
Its glowing path unperceivable.
The flame of hope flickers and dies,
But the inferno consumes it anew,
Transforming it into the funeral pyre of my sanity.

The pools of the driving force of all,
Shining and bursting from the wormholes of blue.
The siren of desire springs from the jaws of life,
From the cave where thoughts are born.

Thoughts of beauty,
Thoughts of hate,
Intertwined, one augmenting the other.
A challenging temptation,
Which robs the intellect,
Which destroys reason with blinding beauty.

Naïve hopes and utopian dreams.
Sweet perfect purpose.
Feed the flames of red-hot desire.
Engulf me in the tongues of passion.

The gates lie open before me.
I do not fear to enter,
But rather long to eternally dwell there,
Though its ephemeral nature is soon revealed.

Repeatedly do I enter and rejoice,
Ecstatic in my ignorance of all else.
And with refreshing lamentation,
Does my consciousness once more return.
Wow this is awesome shit, however I couldn't come up with a vocal melody for it, but as a poem... badass.