Just learn to outward scream, please. Inwards are fine occasionally but pig squeals are for deathcore scene kids who can't properly scream, and deathcore is declining rapidly, everyone now avoids it like the plague.

Once again, outward please, false chord if you have to but just stop the inward squeals, even if you do it ouward like jfac or something...
as u said !! i'm doing this just cuz i had a problem with growling or fals chord screaming !! i want the perfect video tutorial ! i wanna sing in flames , dark tranquility , as i lay dying , lamb of god , kamlah ..
Lol, well for Pig squeals they were decent. Makes me laugh whenever I hear them.

In Flames, AILD and Lamb of God all do a form of fry, although many will say Lambesis uses false chord.

If you want to do either, the screaming and growling section should be able to help you out. You have posted there before looking for assistance, yes?

You can listen to my growling tutorial, it may help. It's very much basic but you get to hear the sound without music behind it as well as the steps I take to get there.
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