I was searching for some Yngwie's licks and the ways he play and I found this
This guy says that Yngwie makes mistakes while playing and that he is kinda sloppy :/
I mean wtf !! He is one of the cleanest players I've ever heard. And also says that it's not good to be a perfectionist. I don't know, but I think it's cr*p
I have pretty sloppy form, but it isn't noticeable in my playing. I wrap my thumb around the top of the neck (which a lot of people seem to do, but it isn't technically correct form), I do a weird mute-every-string-except-the-one-im-playing-and-then-strum-all-the-strings kind of thing all the time. I don't think technique isn't important, as long as it doesn't effect your playing or sound in any way. You can play with sloppy form, but still be able to sound amazing.
I don't know. I mean how tha guy (Yngwie) that practiced 8 hours a day can be sloppy and sound amazing at the same time. Something doesn't fit there
the fool puts women on the cover of his instructional dvds and makes absolutely no attempt at justifying it. i wouldn't believe anything he says.
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It doesn't. That's a bozo ad page. Yngwie is a pretty precise player. I don't like his style, but he's a spot on guitarist more often than not.
there are many sloppy shredders out there but yngwie is definitely not one of them. at his incredible speed he is quite damn on the spot. and i really don't like yngwie !
but i really like the thing with the women on the covers. great idea !
Just because someone is sloppy doesn't mean it can't sound good.
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The page strikes me as one of those "get amazing at guitar with 3 easy tips" kind of deals. Nothing he says is actually backed up by any information or evidence.
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there are many sloppy shredders out there

Not really - that contradicts the whole definition of shred.
Interesting read but I picked up on one major thing that seems to be the basis of this whole idea:

When you are too much into what you play with your mind, you can’t let go and 1. Enjoy the process 2. Play with emotion.

Which is fine, this is definitely true, if you're thinking too much then you can't be in the moment that much.

However I would also contend that if you have to think about what you're doing too much then you never really learned whatever it is in the first place. The whole point of focused, dedicated practice is that you play something well enough and so much that you don't have to think at all to make it work.

I think this whole idea is summed up pretty well in one quote that I have long since forgotten the source of:

We practice so we can forget that we have ever practiced.
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I think he is refering to when Yngwie is drunk as hell eatting doughnuts with MJ mixed in. I think after that, even the most practiced, accurate player would be sloppy. That's just my opinion, you could try this and see, just post a video!
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Man, I really like the Page, he is one of my favorite guitarists, but I don't think that part from 0:50 sounds good..

It's not Page playing. It's dubbed.