Hi All

I have a Tanglewood TS-58 left handed Les Paul copy, and am having a little problem with the G string. (insert sexual innuendo).

The other open strings stay in tune relatively well..it's just the G. It goes out as soon as you do a string bend, hammer on or anything. It's ridiculous. It is a good guitar other than this, and there will be people who say it's a shit guitar and i should go spend £3,500 + on a Gibson. For one thing i dont have that sort of money, and also Im happy with what ive got. It does the job for me.

Can anyone give some advice what i can do? Ive heard a sticking top nut can wipe out your tuning, but im not sure why or how to fix it. As i'm going to be using this guitar for gigs with my band i'm considering investing in replacing the standard machine heads with Grover locking heads. Can anyone tell me how i measure for the correct type, and what model I need? Its a non-floyd rose, non tremolo bridge and has stock Tanglewood vintage style tuners on. (It's based on a '59 Gibson Les Paul sunburst).

Any advice on how to alleviate the tuning problem, at least until i get locking tuners, would be appreciated
You could get a new nut, or put on new tuners. I have sperzel locking tuners, similar in style to Gibson tulip tuners, and they are fantastic. Easy string replacement, and stays in tune forever (not literally, obviously).
Yeah new tuners/nut should work.
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Yeah. We are going to play 30 song sets or something so the tuning needs to be spot on. I'm going to try replacing the nut when i next change strings, but i think i'll take it to a music shop i know that does repairs, tinkering etc, as i dont want to destroy my headstock trying to remove the old nut lol. Taking the back covers off the back of the machine heads they do look a little bit worn but not to the extent that it would cause such severe de-tuning, and it is comparable with the wear on the other 5 machine heads.

How do i find out the size of the holes bored in the headstock for the machine heads? Is there a way to do it without dismantling it all? I was thinking maybe a micrometer but that only measures the post.