I'm in need of a new guitar. I'm sure this sort of topic always get placed, however I want something for mostly playing leads and some versatility. I really would enjoy a sound like from most of Steve Vai's type of music or Joe Satriani (Tender Surrender for instance, light and clean but then able to burst out those heavy high string solos). I'm going to pass on an amp for now (I had a Line 6 and didn't like it all that much) and just use my computer rig since I'm looking forward to getting a copy of GTR3 so I can get the most out of effects and play around with my type of style.

I hear Fender Strats are nice, I've played a few in the store and also Ibanez, but I'm not really sure which will give me the best sound for use on the computer atleast.

I'm looking to spend at most $600. I used to play but haven't played forever and I want to start getting back into it again, so I feel that's a decent budget.
Used Ibby RG550/1570 + new pups if you have left over moneys
Or even a decent S series if you can find one, they're awesome.
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Really leaning towards an Ibanez now. I'm looking for semi versatility, but not what a fender strat would bring like folk, funk, or country twang sounds. I was even looking at an Ibanez S400 series or RG351 which sounded pretty nice.

Youtube has helped a bit.
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