I have an issue when writing and structuring songs.

My head works in a way of - Too repetitive, Not enough change, 'Boring' etc..even though i enjoy very simply structured songs and this tends to mess with my structuring and basic song writing alot.

For example, the hardest thing i find is writing a very basic chorus/verse rather than a complex riff so to speak, when writing i have a tendencies to forgot about basic structure and just throw riffs i enjoy together.

Heres is a song im working on at the moment hope it can help you to understand how i mean with structuring.

(35 - 55 seconds i meant to extend that another 8 bars.. oops)


Does it sound 'wrong' or isit just me?

Im not looking for recordings critiques or similar, I know my guitar is out of tune .

Thanks for the help guys. Maybe should of posted in recording forum?
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