I have a guitar lead part I like and I want to put chords over it but Idk what chords will work. is there a scale or a rule. the notes go..


so what chords can I use. what's the rule?
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i could be wrong but i dont think thats possible... i mean pending on the scale you can easily put a lead over a chord progression, but a chord over a lead im not sure could work homeh :/
Assuming you're in standard tuning, the notes all fit in Gmin, with the exception of 'A,' which would be consonant in Gsus2, but creates an interesting, dissonant sound when left within Gmin.
so I could use the gminor scale as chords?
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Or Bb Major.
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An Gmin at the 3rd fret would work with those (my repetitive two cents). And a C there as well.
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