I just got my first electric and am trying to figure out a decent dorm set up.
I've been meaning to buy a USB interface for recording my acoustic stuff. Could I use this for electric, too? It would be really nice if I could kill two birds with one stone here. I wouldn't record the electric, I'd want to to play it through my computer speakers or headphones. I saw in some other "college amp" threads people recommending to use VSTs instead of bringing an amp. Is this feasible? Would there be any issues with latency?

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Yes, it's possible. You can use amp modelling software like Amplitube or Guitar Rig (although there are a ton of alternatives out there). Probably better if you're going to be in a dorm too -- people are less likely to want to murder you when you sleep this way.

You shouldn't have any problems with latency. I use the cheapest audio interface imaginable (the Behringer UCG102) and I have zero problems.
Awesome. Haha I live right next to the RA too, so yeah...
So it would be Guitar->interface->computer, but then do the speakers go into the computer or the interface? Maybe a dumb question..
I have a m-audio mobilepre usb that i got for cheap on craigslist and i love it. I downloaded some cracked version of guitar rig 4 so i got that for free and i always use it when people are sleeping and sometimes its just fun to use all the different effects that i dont have pedals for. Im pretty new to these interfaces but for mine, i plug my headphones/speakers directly into the interface.
I have an older model so I have noticed very minimal latency once in a great while but I know the newer models have a specific button to fix latency when recording. Ive never had a problem just jamming on guitar rig though. I'm really happy with it and would definitely recommend the mobilepre USB and whatever the other model is. I dormed freshman year and could see bringing an amp causing some issues. Plus if you get it from musicians friend or something, you could always just return it if you don't like it.