We all try to fight for what we believe but only believe in what is right to say you know my generation, you win some you lose some, and theres always tomorrow. the words that haunt my dreams because they redefine what it means to be sorry….sorry like me


boys will be boys and girls will dance the in rain teenagers sing to not to fight and you’ve never felt such pain

I'm afraid im faking this smile My first is always your last You’re so afraid to go the extra mile that even with the clearest skies, you'd hold fast.


As she remembers the night before Your name is first on the list Of people that took control And people that she would never kiss But somehow you managed to sink into her mind. she stumbles to the mirror to check out the damage but all she sees is the girl left behind and she cries because


But love is just a footnote in the fairytale thats burned on your floor. so open a new window and the the rain pour in. let t drown out the old flames that scold your heart when you hear his name.

boys will be boys and be fake to get the girl which will spark a riot in the kids that pray for peace will throw the first punch..because in the end we all try to fight for what we believe, but only believe in what is right to say.
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.....and the award for the crappiest lyrics goes to ......HollyLynnxx!

dude they arent crappy, if you're an actual musician then you'd see the story he's trying to portray. it's actualy pretty legit. i liked it.

anyways what do you need help with sir songwriter?
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