Hey Guys!

I need help learning this song on guitar by ear.
Its called Travelling by Paper Lions (use to be the Chucky Danger Band).

If you can try and distinguish the lead guitars chords or something that would be great.Any help with trying to figure this song would be great, theres no sheet music or tabs.

If you can have a crack at finding the solo or helping me get the solo thatd be great too.

I just cant find where to start.

Thanks fellow musos
Verse: Am G F E G
The guitar comes in with "chips" (playing triads as chordal stabs)

Chorus: F C Am G

Bridge: Dm Am G

Solo: Same as verse (Am pentatonic and blue scale). He also uses the b6 and 9 from the natural minor scale.


Outro: same as verse
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Thanks so much man for the help, I'll definetely try it out!
By the way, I think for the solo I've got a tiny bit of it but still need help with it..

It starts on the D string of the 5th fret (Im believe

D----- 5 5 5 5 h7
I done the last part of the solo for you. Tab is finally edited! Just noodle in the pentatonic dude. Transcribe!
Are you sure thats the the whole part where I left off? I'm not too sure where I am, seems short :P Maybe if you could just post the whole solo tab it'd be easier for me (a noob)

Once again I really do appreciate your help
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The part I tabbed starts at 1:56

Your first part is right.

There's a double stop at 1:47

At 1:54

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At 2:04


followed by E5 and G5, then straight to chorus.
Ahh thats better!
Just one last thing, at then end of the solo, how it goes like this

-7--5---3-------------- 5
------------------------- 7

Theres four notes after that just end it, do you know what those four notes are?

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Just saw that post!

Thankyou so much mdc for helping me with this, absolutely awesome man!

You have been a real great help!