i will not be able to get a good picture of it, sorry that sucks. it is definitely from the 80's the chrome is near perfect, everything functions perfectly except it is a little harder to rotate the 6th string roller, its not terrible but noticeable. i bought the guitar this came off of for $40 on ebay.

there is the Khaler name in addition to USA, as well as a patent number on the rear of the bridge.

the reason i can't get a pic is that it is so shiny i cant get a decent shot, not even under light without flash on my dad's DSLR with a $1000 macro lens it was just too bright. maybe i will let him work his magic with the photography.

the guitar make/model are unknown to me, it was half sanded. somebody decided not to finish their refinish. head stock looks kind of like jackson

i have seen between 80 and 150 on them, mine looked better than most.

i know this is looked down upon, but this is what mine looks like, only mine is mint. however i do not have the bar nor does he.

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