Alright, I quite playing guitar a couple years ago right around the time I turned sixteen. Before that I had a Les Paul, a Martin D15 Rosewood, and a few random lower level guitars. The thing is, I lost all of my guitars (along with everything else I own) when I had to move up north. Now due to my finances I can't have multiple guitars. My paycheck will be here tomorrow so I am going to get a guitar to reteach myself. I'll probably have (300-500) to spend down at the guitar shop tomorrow. Do any of you metal guys have any input on what guitars would be good to look at in that price range? I am going to look at the used guitars to see if I can find something a little bit better. Thanks for any responses.
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Try Ebay for an ESP LTD EC-1000. Post you one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/ESP-LTD-EC-1000-Deluxe-Electric-Guitar-/260961328407?pt=Guitar&hash=item3cc281dd17

These are metal machines! A friend of mine has one, and it is amazing!
I also saw a Schecter Hellraiser Special on musiciansfriend for just over 500 dollars. I strongly advise not to get the Floyd Rose version since it is fitted with a floyd rose special (i have that guitar and had to replace the floyd within 8 months since it was so worn out).

If you want something more like a Les Paul, you could always get a used Epiphone Les Paul Custom, which arn't too expensive either and can deliver some sweet tones (i have had this guitar for about 2 years now)
Ibanez SZ320, SZ520, or SZ720.
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Thanks for the responses guys. I actually ended up going with the Ibanez RG3EXFM1. Something about it really caught my eye and the reviews on this guitar were great. It will be good enough to retrain myself on I think.
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Well, my penis smells of fecieas and my anus smells of semen...