Not sure exactly how much I like this piece... I know I like the riffs in it... But I'm not sure if I'm gonna keep it or just scrap it and work with the riffs individually.

Some of the riffs sound weird in GP5... But I'm way too lazy to go in and find out exactly what I'm doing to make it sound real. Sorry, lol.

It's pretty short, compared to my other pieces. Started this after listening to a lot of my friend's oldschool grind band.

Anyway, yeah.. C4C. Hope you like it. :]
deth metulz.zip
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Hi dude. I like the intro, but after bar 12, the riffs are way too spastic for my taste. The part at bar 22 and afterwards does work for me, even though the rhythm is almost just as weird as the previous part.

Woah, big surprise at 31, really like it! Love the additional guitar there as well, works well.

Jazzy interlude was nice. Distorted riff kicks off like a rocket, like it.

Part after that sounds good, weird rhythm but it flows really well nonetheless.

The ending riff was good. Keep it in. The only thing I'd change is 12-22. Could be me, but it sounds too random. The rest of this piece was enjoyable to listen to.


I've never had a seizure but I imagine it feels something akin to how that sounded.
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I'm... kind of confused. I second the seizure comment. The way I imagine this piece is if someone has all their windows and doors open during a hurricane, this is what happens during the hurricane. If you were going for that, good job! I'm not trying to be negative, I'm just a little discombobulated after listening to it .

I don't have anything for you to comment on though.

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im not very good with that harmonic thing. i get them to match perfectly then i play a chord and it sounds like hellen keller singing

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Hahahaha. The seizure comments made me laugh. I'll take them as compliments cause... well.. \m/\m/ \mm/

Anyway... I think the problem is that the pinch harmonic in measure 12 is actually a pinch harmonic on the 3rd fret, and it also sets off a sort of swing-feel. Since MIDI is computer done I couldn't really transcribe it (okay well, I probably COULD, but it would take for freaking ever to tweak it just perfectly.. I may do it when I don't have so much stuff going on) into GP5 how I was playing it.

Or I may just record it soon and let you all hear it.

Regardless, I'm surprised that you all didn't hate this.. It felt mediocre to me.. But then again if you look at what I usually write this isn't the same type of stuff. It's rare that I have such a short song.

Also, I'll hit up the C4C later, sorry.... I haven't slept and it's now 7:27 AM.