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I use a Digitech Bad Monkey as a boost for solos, and just recently I got a EHX Big Muff to use as my main distortion. My problem is I can't find an arrangement that works for them. I noticed that if I put the Bad Monkey after the Big Muff in my pedal chain, it sounds dull and doesn't cut through. If I put it before the Big Muff, it sounds sharper and fuller, but when I turn the Big Muff on, it makes this horrible humming sound (even when the Bad Monkey's turned off). I've tried both ways through a few different amps just to make sure it wasn't a fault with mine, but it happens every time. Anyone got any helpful suggestions/ideas/advice for me?

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It's a Marshall Master Reverb, but like I said, it happens with any amp I use. I used a Peavey Classic at my band's rehearsal studio yesterday and I still had the same problem.
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Could it be the cable your're using in between them?
I keep my Bad Monkey before the Muff.
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Try less gain and bass on the Monkey (into the Muff), try it as more of a top end boost. I'm no pro at mixing OD pedals, but unless you have the Muff set really bright, using the Monkey as a top boost should work.
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Heres the deal. Big Muff's don't like a tremendous amount of pre boost. Your gonna get hum if you crank a gain or level boost in front of it. I had an LPB1 clone boost in front of my BMP and when I cranked the boost to more than 40 or 50 percent in front of the BMP it produced hum like crazy. Also most newer BMP's have true bypass via the footswitch. If your using an older russian or vintage BMP then I'd have it modified to true bypass. I also experimented with the boost after the BMP but I did not like the sound of that at all when they were both on. Never had the hum problem with the boost pedal turned off. Check your cable.
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I've run my Bad Monkey into my Big Muff with great success. Gain on 0, Level on 10 on the Bad Monkey. Most of the settings on the Big Muff were 12 noon or below I believe.

Are you using batteries or AC adapters or what?
I'm using batteries.
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My v.9 Russian muff has that hum too, you can hear the signal but the hum is just overpowering. And that's with the gitar plugged straight to the muff and then right to my amp. One of my ss and my tube makes the hum. My Park ss does not make the hum. I've tried different cables too. I get no hum also when it run the muff to my Digitech mfx, and wear headphones. But if I plug that into any of amps, I get the hum.
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