What the verdict of this? How versatile is it, will go up to metal if needed? Thanks
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I bought one of these in transparent cherry a couple of months back. It is one of the best playing guitars I have ever owned. I think it is well suited for jazz, rockabilly and classic rock, but not really a metal guitar.
It's a great guitar at a really decent price and is great for many styles like mentioned above but not high gain metal. I suspect it will feedback badly with high gain volume. I am a huge Ibanez fan and have been since 1977 when I bought my Ibanez Les Paul (which I still have and play often). My 1982 Ibanez AM50 (similar to the AS73) is my go to guitar for gigs where various styles of music are needed and while it covers classic rock, jazz and similar styles very well I can't imagine doing metal on it.
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if you're looking for a good first beginner guitar, i'd recommend it

ibanez is a fine way to go imo
and that model should do metal fine, as long as you're using it for more so a practice guitar than a performance one.
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