okay im having a lot of difficulty working out how to wire the kit that ive got for my project. i have got a kent armstrong side mount slimbucker for WD music (has two solder terminals) a Seymour Duncan bridge humbucker (four wire setup) and a harness with 1 volume, 1 tone, jack and 3 way selector. but the 3 way selector is quite an odd one so i dont know which terminals that i should attach either of the pickups to.
these are links to all the bits i just mentioned and the diagrams that came with them:
(fig. four is what i have in the first link) http://www.kentarmstrong.com/schematics/KA_Wiring_Instructions.pdf

i just want to know where i should attach the 6 wires that are going to be coming from the two pickups
ANY help would be appreciated, i know the questions quite vague sorry
what is the brand of the switch? if you look up the company sometimes they may have wiring diagrams that are helpful. Also seymour duncan has a great wiring diagram section on their web page.
I guess you need to decide what options you want on your three positions, then you might be able to fathom out how to wire your switch. Is far as I can tell you've got quite a few options to go at. I'm guessing that you'll want positions 1 & 3 to be neck & bridge, humbucking respectively; but because you've got a 4-wire HB there's plenty of stuff you could do in between for position 2. At its simplest it could just be neck + bridge HB, ignoring the coil-tapping options.

I know you're not supposed to post on here and then follow up with, "but I'm not sure," but I am sure that the more details you provide, the better smarter people than me will be able to help you.
i looked at the diagrams from seymour duncan on your advice and they helped quite a lot and i think i may have fathomed it now. thanks
and im not going to try any form of coil tapping cause i know its not going to sound particularily good anyway as this is my first project and ive already had a few tonal problems, so im not going to faff about any more.
the only other thing i was confused about was; after grouding all the necessary wires to the back of the pot, do i then run a ground wire from the pot to the bridge or is that not necessary because theres a ground running to the output jack already?..