I know a few of you on here play the wonderful short scales! And i dont know if you all have the same problem as me, but finding a case for the damn things is impossible! I had no money left over after i bought the thing, so i got stuck with a crappy gig bag and i REALLY need a new case... I'm already getting a few dings.

I think i wanna get a padded gig bag, they arnt too expensive and provide enough protection for the 'College and back' journey it goes on every day. Anyone know where i can get hold of a nice fitted case for one of these? Guitar cases are too small and the bass cases have 4" of floppy space at the top which really annoys me. I just need a case that fits quite well

Thanks in advance!
That soft case looks a little... flimsy, and the big box would be a pain in the arse to get on the bus with. Thanks though!

I have a padded bag for my P bass with a good half inch of padding in it and its great! I'm looking for something like that really, i cant find one anywhere...
I got a nice shapeless thick gig bag for my tele, that fits my bronco, G string might get a little knocked out of tune if hauled clumsily... or I carry it on my back and run into everything.