So, my band is deciding that our second guitarist might switch over to bass, but play his solos on his guitar still. To do this, we would need, we think, something like a guitar stand, but one that holds his guitar horizontally. Basically, he can wear the bass on a strap, then when it hits the solo section, head over to stand behind the guitar, roll off the volume on the bass, switch off the mute pedal on his guitar and play.

What would this type of stand be called? I tried to search it out on google, but seeing as how I don't really know what to call it, it was somewhat difficult. Does it even exist? Surely we're not the first ones to have this idea.

idk what they are called but this what you mean?

EDIT: this is the only thing i can find

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you could just get him one of these bad boys

It's over simplified, So what!

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i know they exist because I've seen james hetfield using them live on youtube..not sure where to get one though
Some light weight steel tubing and a MIG welder can make anything. Dont forget the can of black spray paint...or whatever color lights for you
Not trying to be a douche or anything, but cutting out the bass section of the performance, so the bass player can play a guitar solo, while there's another guitarist still playing, sounds like a bad idea to me.

Losing the bass track makes the performance sound empty. Also, why wouldn't THE guitarist play all of the solos? Above his level of playing or what? If that's the case, he should switch to bass.
Have you also considered using a pitch shifter to shift a standard guitar down to the bass range? Can sound pretty good with the right amp/etc. though a bit "artificial".
Well, the reason for keeping his position as guitarist and not just switch entirely is because his style is completely different from mine. I use a lot of alternate picking and sweeping, while he uses legato and eight-finger tapping. We play off of that dynamic in our songs, resulting in solo sections with a lot of difference in them.

We've actually been doing the pitch shifter thing up until now, but it doesn't really work as well as we'd like. We actually figure that slap bass would mesh really well with our songs, which doesn't exactly work too well on an electric guitar, pitch shifter or not.

And the songs are arranged more so that the keyboard and drums take over at the solos, so the drop-out of the bass isn't too noticeable. The only problem is actually getting the setup.

The gracie stand thing looked promising, but apparently they can't be ordered from that particular site. I think we're probably just gonna make one and be done with it, honestly, considering that these things seem REALLY overpriced. Thanks everyone for the input!
Why not just find a f*cking bassist?
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