Budget- under $1000 us
Genres- Indie rock/folksih stuff. Think The Weakerthans/The Constantines
Used is preferred, but I'm not against new stuff.
This amp is specifically for touring, so i need it to be reliable. It needs to be able to play over drums, as I play a lot of basement shows.
I live south of Chicago.
And right now I'm using an Epiphone Les Paul with gibson humbuckers, a jay turser tele, and I have a bunch of pedals (maxon od808 and proco rat are the ones I use most).
Head or combo is fine, I just need something that can get loud, and has warm clean and distorted tones. I play in a guitar and drum duo, so I'm looking for something that can really fill out the sound.
I've been thinking of picking up a used twin reverb, but I'm looking for any and all suggestions to try out.
Im not 100% on amps for those genres but a Vox AC30 is a good amp. Peavey Classic 50, Fender Blues Deluxe or Blues Deville.
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Used Vox AC30 or Fender Hot Rod something
You can find used Fender Hot Rod Deluxe's for as little as $300-350, but you might want two speakers, so a Deville would be a good choice too.
Go to Musician's Friend and look at all the amplifiers in your price range. You can then narrow your choices down through Youtube demos, and then going to a store and trying the amp out.
Get a Carvin V3M 3 channels. 50-22-7 watts selectable. All tube. Comes in a 1x12 combo or head version. Four 12AX7's in the preamp and four EL84's in the power amp section. Biggest problem is trying one out. Carvin is mostly Web order only. They do have a showroom but it's in California. I like the fact that the head is only 19 pounds. Right now the head version is $599 that leaves you with a few hundred for a 1x12 or 2x12 cab. Carvin does have some demo video's on it website. www.carvin.com

The only connection I have to Carvin is that I own a piece of their gear and it's not a V3M.
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Traynor! Got one a week ago...great with pedals, awsome cleans, goes bedroom levels well, loud as heck when you want it! Dirt Channels are alright, better tubes could improve it!

But also get alot of praise on Reliability. I got mine used and its a 3 year old YCV40 model.
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