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I don't know why but I'm very peculiar about the type of pick I use when I'm playing.
I tend to prefer the smaller picks because it gives me the most control over my playing.
My two favourite pick types are the jazz, tear-drop shapes:

And the small dunlop jazz picks:

I sometimes use larger picks for more aggressive playing styles, or when strumming an acoustic:

Plus, why do you choose that specific type of plectrum?
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Jazz IIIs
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Found a bunch of these in a box a few months ago. They're actually awesome. I've been using a pink one now for about 3 weeks and the end hasn't even rounded off.

Apart from that I'll just 0.6-0.8 Tortex.
Dunlop .88s 4 lyfe brah. They made the grip much better these days.

Everyone knows Brain Picks are the best of the best though.
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Pitch Black Jazz III 1.14 mm

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What do you guys think of very thick plectrums?

I've heard that alot of amazing guitarists tend to use alot of stuff above 1.00mm, but it just seems to aggressive to me. I feel like I'm going to break the strink after an hour of playing.
Breakfast, Breakfast, it's great for us
We eat, we eat, we eat
That frozen meat
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, it can't be beat
CoolPicks. There a tiny bit bigger then jazz iiis. And they're awesome.
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I've heard that heavier picks help with faster palm-muting.

I haven't really used any pics over 1.00mm, so I'm not quite sure.
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Carbon Fiber jazz III. You only need one.
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I went from Jazz IIIs to Tortex 1.0.

The tone and control is so much better than Jazz IIIs
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You know, I have some Jazz IIIs and I really don't like them. In fact, I really only use them as a ghetto makeshift 5th string capo for banjo. I use either Dunlop Gator Grip 2mm or these other medium Dunlop picks I have. And also some Dunlop fingerpicks for banjo that hurt my fingers and make them smell like soy sauce.
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Used to love Jazz III's, then swapped to the larger (yet thinner) Tortex .88 and now I've reached a good compromise between the two with the Ultex Sharps 1.0
my first choice(Invalid img)

Second choice

i would use the ultex sharps but for some reason the material doesn't agree with my fingers. i always loose my grip when i use them.
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I bought these steel ones and have never used anything else since for lead guitar stuff and rock.

For anything else, it's fingers or dunlop tortex.
Dunlop Jazz III XLs. I've been meaning to try steel ones, but haven't got to around that yet.
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regular ass dunlop tortex. usually use purple or blue, i destroyanything thinner with my aggressive playing

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.88 Duplexes are my favourite, although I have a .5 (I think) for when I'm doing more chord based songs, as I prefer a softer sound in such circumstances.
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Dunlop 0.88 for when I'm playing my usual metal stuff. But when I'm playing acoustic, I like bigger picks.

Dunlop 1.0 mm Stubbies. Mmmmmmm
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Jazz III but if I have to use a Tortex I'll take a yellow one.
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I have one of these, so my picks are made of whatever the hell I can use.
Although I usually stick to my Ultex .73, or my Tortex (any gauge). I'm also really fond of the Dunlop Shark fin picks.
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