This is some great shit man, pristine quality, catchy metalcore, not too original, but still, it's solid and catchy. The only thing is, that breakdown around 2:20 is really pushing the old Attack Attack! way of doing a breakdown, try to stray away from those, but other than that, the vocals were good, and I'm blown away by the quality.

Are the drums programmed? And, are the guitars all direct input?

Yes, poop.
Badass is what I think. Home recording? Extremely well done. Great audio quality, wicked screams, tight heavy rhythms. The clean vocals I'm not too keen on-they sound a biit too pop-punk-like to my ears. I think a gruffer voice would fit the rest of the music better in the choruses. The effects during the breakdown were pretty sweet, but occasionally became somewhat excessive. All in all, beastly song, tight recording. Noice
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Hey guys! Thanks so much. I'm glad you liked it. The drums were recorded first, then added programmed kicks and triggered some of the snares and toms. Cymbals were all real. And the guitars were recorded on a Rhodes Colossus H-100 with an sm57 through a marshall cab.