A friend of mine's stereo has an ipod cord running into his dashboard and (so i guess) directly into his cd player. Im about to replace my old stereo (tape player so old it has the option for metal tapes) with a panasonic cd player. The cd player has the option for mp3 playback, but no auxillary port. What i would like to know is, is it possible to do that with this player? Its a CQ-C1303U panasonic.
Last time I saw this thread someone mentioned the auxiliary input being the back.

Google says you can just play MP3 CDs.
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keep the tape player and get one of those cassettes that has a cord for input

or get one of those Mr. radio esque things that broadcasts your mp3 player to your radio.
Oh ok cool. Another thing that confused me is that the instruction book showed a picture of the player, with an aux port at the lower right corner, but my player doesnt have it. But i got it for free, so im not complaining
I would suggest getting one of those tapes with the plug thingies for your iPod.
Thats how I listen to my iPod with my CD player.
EDIT: CD/Tape player
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