Hi everyone, I recently got back together with my old bandmates and revived an old project. We're an experimental art rock/Punk band. Originally it was a 3 piece, now we are a 4 piece. I play guitar, along with another guitarist, bassist and drummer.

My question is; what's a tuning pedal that

A. can run from my amp to the pedal to my guitar

B. is a 'tap' pedal, not a standard tuner

C. (if there is such a thing) can tune all 6 strings at once.

C elaborated: We practice really loudly and this is the best method for all of us. We get the full vibe effect, but I generally can't tell if I'm in tune or sound as good as I should because I use earplugs. Is there a pedal out there that if I strum all 6 strings will light up red/green for each string tuned all at once? as in:


(R) (G) (R) (R) (G) (G)

If anyone needs me to explain more please ask. I'd really like to find this magical pedal that I'm imagining right now, it'd make everything a lot simpler.

Thanks for your time!


this polytune has got a lot of positives about it and it can also be used like a normal tuner. but pretty much any polytuner

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Definitely the Polytune.
God, I love this thing
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